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To ascend to paradise for $1

Do you want your departed relative, friend, acquaintance, or simply a loved one to receive a message from you?

Did you forget to say something? Ask for forgiveness? Thank someone?

The server is connected to a chaotic electrical wave generator to create ultra-high-frequency radiation that operates without focusing electronic fields. Passing through an amplifier and magnetic inductor, your text is transformed into electromagnetic wave oscillations. Subsequently, through a rectifier with varying width of electrical pulses, your message is embedded into electrons. Next, a switcher and filters for standardized amplitude incorporate electrons into the light stream and electromagnetic radiation. Following this, electrons are injected into space through a high-frequency multi-lobed rectenna, along with the flow of sunlight and reflected light, and your message will be sent to Paradise.

The electromagnetic waves of the Earth are transformed into an electric field as they pass through natural antennas in the form of mountains, inducing a potential difference. Consequently, positively and negatively charged particles—protons and electrons—float in the air around us.

Solar energy, in the form of ultraviolet photons, consists of protons, electrons, and helium nuclei. It provides an electric impulse due to the photoelectric effect. Additionally, energy is converted into impulses from other solar systems, quasars, neutron stars, radio galaxies, including reflected light from cosmic rays, and synchrotron radiation coming from interstellar space.

The induction transmission of electricity on Earth occurs imperceptibly for humans, but humans themselves are constantly in an electrostatic field. This field polarizes the air molecules that are breathed in by humans, transforming the molecules into electric dipoles, meaning the equivalent mass and energy are converted into each other.

Thus, the Earth’s electric field and photons and electrons dispersing beyond galaxies carry an impulse—about what is happening on Earth, in other galaxies, dimensions, spaces, and substances. This impulse, transforming from one form to another form of energy, is capable of penetrating where humans can never reach without transforming into another form of energy or another state of matter.

This is precisely why particle-wave duality, i.e., the electromagnetic solar impulse and photon flux, serve as connecting threads between worlds, galaxies, dimensions, substances, spaces, and matters. In 99% of cases, it guarantees reaching the immortal soul of the departed in Paradise. The immortal soul, being an electrified immaterial substantial part of the human essence, carries within itself all the information accumulated by the electromagnetic field of the human brain through the movement of electrons during a person’s lifetime.

Given the properties of the light stream in the infrared and ultraviolet shortwave and longwave spectral range of self-propagating electromagnetic waves capable of traveling in a vacuum, circulating, and transmitting elementary particles, acting like a neural network—i.e., not in parallel, not sequentially, not in a circular manner, and not purposefully but chaotically from neuron to neuron, where the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection, regardless of the nature of the material and the wavelength of light, in all galaxies, dimensions, matters, spaces, at any distance, and in all directions, your sent message will reach its destination.

In some cases, feedback from Paradise occurs, while in a state of rest, through the static electricity of the Earth, magnetism, and the aura. Electrical impulses in the brain’s cortex interpret a reverse message to you and project the telemetric image and voice of the departed in a dream.

It’s possible that the reverse message from Paradise might warn you of something, guide you to a buried treasure, or provide an answer to a question that interests you.

Do you want to send your message to Paradise?

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